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Aside from performing, Grace Kelly is an aspiring theatre educator, director, and choreographer. She has worked as an educator, director, choreographer, stage manager, assistant director, dance teacher, costumer, assistant stage manager, & spotlight operator in community and children's theaters across New York and Connecticut.


She will be pursuing her M.A. in Theatre Education at Emerson College in the fall, focusing on Theatre & Community. Some of the avenues she hopes to explore as a theatre educator include TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences), puppetry, direction, choreography, representation, artistic direction, season curation, audition coaching, and mentorship.


Her interest in theatre education sparked after meeting the educators that impacted her life at such a young age. She aspires to be just like those educators that support and continue to impact her theatrical journey. 

She has worked with the Random Farms Kids Theater, Westchester Sandbox Theatre, Connecticut Children's Theatre, Mooney/Cooley Dance, and schools across Westchester, NY.

I am a proud Latina performer and my love for theatre has stemmed from seeing my culture represented on stage. My main goal in performance and theatre-making is accessibility in theatre and how we can make the arts more accessible to everyone- including financial accessibility, educational accessibility, representation, and inclusivity. I want to be an educator that nurtures and respects her students similar to how my most impactful theatre educators have impacted and changed my life. I aim to create a safe, encouraging space that allows for growth, failure, experimentation, fun, and courage. 

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